Nanyang Alumni Cup 2017

The NTU Sports and Recreation Centre is no stranger to a flurry of activities on the weekends, but the air today was different, as a 130-strong crowd thronged the sports grounds in attendance of the inaugural Nanyang Alumni Cup (NAC), a 3-on-3 Basketball competition jointly organised by the EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA) and the MAE Alumni Association (MAEAA). The attendees were also present for the concurrently-held E3 Spirit Cup (E3C) 2017, a 5-a-side Football tournament, which has been organised by the EEEAA for the 6th year running. While the E3C kicked off on the grass pitch at the Main Fields, the NAC was held in The Wave, the new environmentally friendly sports hall opened in February 2017.

Getting the Ball Rolling

In the midst of the 9 basketball teams was an interesting mix of players across various ages. Despite this, a buzz of conversations went on in the spectator stands before the start of the competition. “Bro! I haven’t seen you in years!”, someone shouted across. Mr Zhang Shidong, a EEE final-year student who is working in the Industrial and Defense sector concurred. “It’s a great opportunity to meet up with old friends. I thought the competition format (3v3 half-court) was interesting.” Indeed, friendship was in the air, as players from opposing teams supported and cheered on each other.

Aside from the main competition among the teams, a 3-point shoot-out was also held as a side challenge which individual players could compete in. Despite being highly competitive, the challenge was no match for Mr Yang Xiao from team Next Door Mr Wang (隔壁老王), who scored a complete victory with five consecutive 3-point scores and walked away with $100 of CapitaVouchers and special prizes. Mr Zhang added, “They definitely should continue holding this event. It would be better if more teams participate, and perhaps hold other skills-based challenges alongside the tournament, such as time-trial.”

Others were simply enthusiastic. Mr Li Hai Tao, a EEE postgraduate student, had been playing regularly with his team since their polytechnic and NTU days. “I think the competition should be held in every semester! Maybe they could revise the rules to be 5v5, using the whole court, as well as adjusting the overtime rule.” he suggested.

To register for the NAC, a team of 5 players is required. 3 players must be alumni, students or staff from NTU EEE or MAE. A maximum of 2 players may be recruited from the public as reserves.

Aiming high

After five hours of fierce competition, the battle boiled down to the final showdown between team Fu Fangwei and team Vegetable Chicken. The finals were intense through both 5-minute segments, where team Fu Fangwei emerged victorious, with a lead of nine 5-point scores to the final second. The winners received the NAC Champions’ Trophy, medals and $300 of CapitaVouchers.

The members of the champion team are:

Mr Fu Fang Wei (NTU Alumni, EEE 2014)

Mr Liu Yu (NTU Postgraduate, MSc Finance)

Mr Lu Yang (Public)

Mr Yan Hong Yi (NTU Alumni, EEE 2012)

Mr Shi Yan (NTU Alumni, EEE 2014)


Competition aside, the NAC served to bring people together. “It was fun! I got to gather my old friends, as well as meet new ones. Perhaps the organisers could get some Professors to join in, as we might share common hobbies! After all, we all need some work-life balance.” said Mr Lip Ong, a postgraduate student formerly from MAE. Both EEEAA and MAEAA put in much effort to make the event a success. Mr Ong added, “The referees were professional. I thought the welfare was very good, especially the food and drinks. The aircon in the sports hall was a welcome change from the heat outside!”

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for being a part of the inaugural Nanyang Alumni Cup! This is a rare opportunity where EEEAA and MAEAA can come together to organize an event to bring together the people from both schools. Let’s look forward to more to come!

Written by Lee Shi En Ian

Edited by May Lim

Nanyang Alumni Cup

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