EEEAA 27th AGM 2023

Hello EEE Members,

We are excited to announce that for this year’s AGM, we will be holding it at the newly opened and Asia’s largest bird park, Mandai Bird Paradise!

Covers approximately 17 hectares (42 acres), with larger and double the walk-in aviaries than the previous Jurong Bird Park, this year’s AGM is also a fun-filled event for you and your family to experience over 3,500 birds across 400 species through 8 immersive walk-through aviaries!

Excited for your family? Below is the details for AGM 2023:

Location: Mandai Bird Paradise ( 20 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729825)

Date: September 30th 2023

Subsidized pricing for AGM is as follows:

REGISTER HERE by 15th September 2023 (Fri).REGISTER HERE by 15th September 2023 (Fri).


Click Here to view at AGM Notice

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