EEEAA E3Spirit Cup 2017

PaPaPa finally enjoyed their first competitive win over Oners FC, after they had sealed a sensational 3-1 triumph in the 5v5 football competition that took place on 6 May 2017. This is the 6th E3Spirit Cup!

As most people are aware, E3Spirit Cup is organised by NTU EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA) and it takes place annually to gather EEE alumni, students and staffs to stay connected with the school and fostering ever closer ties between the alumni, students, staffs, the School and the industries. There was no exception to this year as this energy-filled event was successfully held once again in the Main Fields of the Sports and Recreation Centre. Nanyang Technological University’s new sports hall, The Wave, formed its background, where Nanyang Alumni Cup 2017 was running at the same time.

The event started at 8.30 am sharp with all the team players flocked to the registration counter. During the registration, each team captain was given an opportunity to draw a paper randomly to determine their team’s group number and play sequence. There were a total of 10 teams that day. The matches were divided into preliminary, quarter-final, semi-final, and final rounds. The exquisite, glorious trophy and commemorative medals were placed attractively on the medal table while luring every gaze to etch on it. The players’ amplified thirst to own that trophy was portrayed in their eyes. The sky had shown its favour where the sun was shining brightly with the clear and blue sky, indicating that it was a perfect day for E3Spirt Cup to take place.

At 9.00 am, everyone was requested to enter The Wave’s basketball court for an opening ceremony with group photos taken. After all the players were briefed of the game’s rules and regulations, they entered the fields with determination to win. Some teams were obviously seasoned players and showed up with colour-coordinated football jerseys to distinctively distinguish themselves from other teams. Oners FC had its cobalt blue team shirt while PaPaPa was donned in neon pink. All the teams were busy warming up, well-prepared and confident of their win.

The preliminary rounds were with teams competing in their group category. Group A had 3 teams, Group B had 3 teams, Group C had 3 teams and Group D had 2 teams. With upbeat music blasting from the spectators stand, players put in their utmost effort to make their teams proud. The whole atmosphere on that Saturday’s morning could only be described as an event fully presented with adrenaline. EEEAA also provided light refreshments to ease the players’ thirst and need for an energy boost. The ambience at the event was cohesive and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

However light drizzle started at around 11.15 pm when the semi-final rounds were running. Instead of dampening the teams’ spirit, every player was even more determined in their competitive spirit as they were inching near the champion position. The match was reaching its peak and was very thrilling during the final round as last year’s 2nd runner-up, Oners FC, was playing against PaPaPa, the emerging dark horse. PaPaPa successfully beat Oners FC in the last five minutes with scoring two goals consecutively and thus, being crowned the new Champion of E3Spirit Cup 2017 with the result 3-1. What a close yet exciting match! Every team member of PaPaPa was beaming with joy when they scored the last goal during the last two minutes.

PaPaPA’s captain, Xu Nou had this to say; “This is my second year participating in this tournament and I enjoyed throughout the match. I really appreciate my teammate’s effort on sealing the victory this year.”

Reflecting on the events of that match, there is no special formula for success. In every league, the champions are never set in stone. There are favourites and then there is everyone else. However, when strengthening and having unity in the team, good players are hard to come by and even more precious to acquire.

Let’s look forward to the 7th E3Spirit Cup in 2018 and see you then!

Written by Wong Kah Yin

Edited by: May Lim

E3 Spirit Cup 2017

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