President Report 2017

EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA) was founded by Mr Inderjit Singh in 1996. Last year was our 20th anniversary. In conjunction with our Annual General Meeting (AGM), we celebrated our anniversary beautifully together with more than 100 members on 4 yachts on Lazarus Island.

AGM cum Yacht Cruise

EEEAA has gone from strength to strength and the executive committee did a reflection of the past achievements and concluded that it was our guiding principles, our core values that made all these possible. We did a pow-wow during our retreat last year and distilled our core values. Here I’m sharing this with you:

EEEAA Core Values:

  • Service with Passion
  • Innovative & Fun
  • Unity with Trust

It was these guiding principles that enabled us to churn out events after events that were fun and innovative over the past few years. With this, we have also become one of the best Alumni Associations in NTU and have set an example and benchmark for many associations to follow.

Together with the Core Values, in the same retreat, we had also reviewed and re-crafted our Vision & Mission.

Vision: To be one of the best Alumni Associations in Singapore that Value Adds to our Members.

Mission: To be the Platform to Connect, Engage & Serve our Members, Creating a Lifelong & Worldwide Community of Alumni.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We hope to continue to stay united with trust, serve you with passion, creating innovative and fun activities for you. Thank you.


Hendri Zhang
EEE Alumni Association
21st-22nd Executive Committee

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