How To:

Upload photo during Event:

  1. A Google Photo Album will be created
  2. The title must follow the following format: “Month Year – Event Name”
    Eg. May 2019 -E3 Spirit Cup 2019
  3. Link will be shared among all participant and uploading is allowed

Let other participants upload their photo:

  1. Open Google Photo Album
  2. Select Particular Album(Must be the album owner)
  3. Click 3-dot -> Sharing option
  4. Switch on Share and Collaborate
  5. Share the link to participant

Sort photo for showcase purpose(after event):

  1. Open Google Photo Album
  2. Choose the photo and let IT know about it
  3. The size of the album must not more than 20 pictures

Showcase Photos:

  1. Login to EEEAA.ORG/wp-adimin
  2. Create new post/new page
  3. Click Add/Edit Photonic Gallery
  4. Chose “share photos”
  5. Follow the steps afterward
  6. Share Google photo album in the post if needed