Alumni Webinar Series – Role of 5G in Innovation & Industry Transformation

With connectivity at the heart of industry transformation, 5G systems have a significant role to play – not just in the evolution of communication but in the revolution of business and society. Its ability to connect more devices and offer real-time feedback is expected to ignite major changes in how we live and work, ushering in new advances like self-driving cars to augmented reality experiences. A whole new innovation ecosystem will grow and benefit businesses, consumers, and entrepreneurs as new large opportunities emerge from 5G. 

In this webinar series, jointly organised by the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and NTU School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (EEEAA), the speaker will highlight the impact of 5G technology, what are the known use cases, and how it will transform different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, logistics, entertainment, education, and more.

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About the Speaker

Jim Lim 

EEE/Class of 1999 

Jim is the founder and CSO of 59stVentures, a socia-techno network focusing in leveraging experitse, experiences and connections of senior executives gloabally to contribue back to the society. 59st Ventures provided Internationlization strategy for Sichuan Telecom, and is also a consulting partner for Huawei Cloud. Consultants in 59stVentures also provide technology and business trainings in 5G, IoT, Smart cities, AI, Healthtech, Edutech to corporations and members of public. Jim is currently also a partner in NCS and heads the healthcare sector tasked to build digital healthcare ecosystem and to expand NCS footprint regionally. Jim sits in the board of startup companies in China, Taiwan, Singapore, UK and India. Prior to this, he was CEO for Good Doctor Technology, a Joint-Venture between PingAn Good Doctor from China and Grab. He joined the company as first employee to setup the entire business in Indonesia and Singapore. Jim is currently also adjunct lecturer for NUS, SUSS, Huawei University, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and FinTech Academy. Read More

About the Moderator                                     

 Prof Er Meng Hwa                    

Prof Er Meng Hwa

Chairman, EEE Alumni Engagement Committee

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