Alumni Webinar Series – Perception and Localization of Intelligent Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems have applications in many areas such as surveillance, transport, structure   inspection,   logistics,   etc.   Perception   and   localization   are   essential capabilities  of  unmanned  systems.  There  have been  a  lot  of  studies  on  perception and  localization  based  on  various sensors such  as camera  and  LiDAR.  Each  type  of sensor  has  its  pros  and cons.  Different  application  scenario  will  require  different sensors  and  there  is  no  one-size-fits-all  solution.  To  achieve  accurate  and  reliable localization  in  complex  environments,  heterogeneous  sensor  fusion  has  been  a recent  trend  and  attracted  significant  interest.  In  this  talk,  we  shall  present  some recent   development   and   discuss   possible future   directions   of   the   area.   The applications  of  unmanned  systems  in  structure  inspection  and  logistics  will  be demonstrated.  

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About the Speaker

Director, Center for Advanced Robotics Technology Innovation (CARTIN)

Dr  Xie  Lihua  is  a  professor  in  the  School  of  Electrical  and  Electronic  Engineering, Nanyang   Technological   University   and   Director,   Center  for  Advanced  Robotics Technology   Innovation   (CARTIN).      He   had   served   as   Head   of   Control   and Instrumentation Division and Director of Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory for Cyber-Physical    Systems.    His    research    areas    include    control    engineering,    indoor positioning,  and unmanned  systems.  He  has  authored  and  co-authored  9  books, over  500  journal and  380 conference articles, and  20  patents/technical disclosures. He  was  listed  as  a  highly  cited  researcher  annually  from  2014  to  2020. He  has secured  over  $90M  research  funding  as  programme  and  project  PI.  He is  currently an  Editor-in-Chief  of  Unmanned  Systems  and  has  served  as  an  Editor  of  IET  Book Series  on  Control  and  Associate  Editor  of  IEEE  Transactions  on  Automatic  Control, Automatica,  IEEE  Transactions  on  Control  Systems  Technology,  IEEE  Transactions on Control of Network Systems, etc. He was an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (2011-2014).  Professor Xie is a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of IFAC, and a Fellow of Academy of Engineering Singapore. Read more

About the Moderator                                     

 Prof Er Meng Hwa                    

Prof Er Meng Hwa

Chairman, EEE Alumni Engagement Committee

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