Alumni Webinar Series – Impact of AI Technologies: Opportunities & Challenges

The world we live in has become increasingly digital, interconnected, distributed and intelligent. Every facet of our lives from health, education, energy, transport, communication, commerce and scientific discovery will be closely linked by sensors of all kinds. These sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and new 5G/6G cellular communication technologies will generate data sets of a magnitude that are difficult to handle due to increasing volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. The availability of big data has driven both the development of and the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The tasks of decision-making may soon be replaced with AI. However, the applications of AI can go beyond its intended functions, intruding into the daily lives and privacy of people. The challenges of AI reflect the very fundamental philosophy of what makes us human and what we stand for.


The speaker will share his practical experience of data projects for a wide range of industry from public sector, finance, airport to telecommunication. He will also share his personal business journey and what it takes to run a data-driven business.

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About the Speaker

Managing Director, Decision Science Agency Pte Ltd

Mr Collin Ang is the Managing Director of the Decision Science Agency (DSA) Pte Ltd which focuses on data analytics, AI, and automation. DSA has undertaken data projects for the Singapore government, financial institutions, airports and telecommunications companies and has won numerous industry awards, including Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore by Straits Times and in Asia Pacific by Financial Times. Collin is also the overall winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019 by ASME and Rotary Club. Prior to his current role, he had spent many years in both the public and private sectors and his last role was the Global Programme Director for internet and mobile banking for Standard Chartered Bank.

Besides championing predictive analytics machine learning and ontology, Collin is also interested in the field of ethics and data privacy. In his work across public and private sectors, he has been in the forefront of innovation and also governance and compliance on the use of data. He is an Advisory and Management Board Member of NUS Mind Science Centre, a Board Member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (Singapore Chapter) and several other non-profit organizations. Read More

About the Moderator                                     

 Prof Er Meng Hwa                    

Prof Er Meng Hwa

Chairman, EEE Alumni Engagement Committee

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